StoryWise: 'A-H' Inspired communication that ignites curiosity, informs and imparts wisdom.

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"I used to work as an engineer developing lunar roving vehicles. I remember, back in 1971, a team of astronauts came to our building at the Marshall Space Flight Center to look over the this LRV that went to the moon and was used by the crews of Apollo 15, 16 and 17. The LRV was used to get around the surface. I still keep this photo by my bed showing the astronauts waiting to test it out. It was an exciting day and made me feel very proud!"

The Value of Stories!

Not everyone can have as great a story as that! But here's the point. Lots of residents have fascinating experiences - and when any one tells a story, children listen! It may be recalling when you first watched TV, or how you rode a horse to school. It's all fascinating. The more animated or dramatic the storytelling - the greater the engagement!

Retirees have the advantage of living over a long period of time - through times past where things were done differently. They have wisdom born out of experiences. They have memories and interesting stories to share - often visualized in photos, books or videos.

It's a wonderful way process information, develop vocabulary to power reading and writing, AND with the added bonus of gaining insights and wisdom for life!

StoryWise Time occurs after a lot of fun, watching, singing, moving or dancing with children along to a Jazzles animated song, each of which has themes are designed to ignite curiosity and propel conversation.

StoryWise Time can take the form of:


The Starting Point - A JazzleOKe Animation!

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