The Power of Jazzles to Keep Us Young! Creative Music and Arts Activities

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Everyday Starts With Music, Movement and Song!

Think about the benefits of music and art therapy and you'll easily understand the secret of the Jazzles Academy!
What ever your age, we all respond positively to music, particularly if it's upbeat and lively. In a group environment, it's just plain fun, encouraging us to join in and throw away any thoughts of loneliness or isolation. Music frees us from stress and anxiety as well as stimulating us to express our creativity and communicate with each. Where there's music, there's life!

We offer a great solution!

With Jazzles, each animated song provides the theme for days of fun, engaging activities that power discussion (vocabulary development), knowledge (comprehension), movement (small and large motor skills) and creativity (mind stimulation and encouraging self-expression).

For children, what ever their age, the Jazzles Academy's greatest focus is on using the Arts to develop vocabulary with understanding. Remember, a large number of children involved in the Academy will come from low literacy backgrounds. So just engaging them in themed discussions will be of enormous benefit to them and indeed their parents.

Jazzles Academy Health Desk

'Music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory.'
Source: Stanford School of Medicine California

  • Music engages the brain over a period of time.
  • Listening to music sharpens the brain's ability to anticipate events and sustain attention.
  • Anticipation is at the heart of musical experiences.

Follow these 10 simple tips:

Remember! When you see, hear, laugh, move and sing, you remember everything!

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